Transport monitoring

We follow every transport.

Thanks to the GPS connection technology, each of our customers can know the real-time tracking of their shipments.
Our operators are available to meet our customers’ requests by offering the necessary information support.

International Road and Intermodal Transport

WETRANSPORT immediately projected and specialized in intermodal transport.
Thanks to the experience of the Team, we are the ideal partner for those who need to transport large quantities of goods over long distances and are looking for a flexible but safe solution.
Our company offers combined road and rail services, ensuring the transport of goods.
Thanks to our own European intermodal network we can guarantee an efficient, punctual and flexible service, suitable for the transport of goods in Europe, combining the power and quantity of the vehicles used with very low levels of emissions.
intermodal transport allows emissions to be reduced by up to 80% and ensures a lower environmental impact
it allows to reduce costs compared to road transport over long distances by taking advantage of the lower dependence on diesel consumption
The terminals are equipped with the most modern surveillance systems to ensure the safety of your shipments.


In addition to serving the European Union countries with “full load” services, in recent years we have developed the “groupage” service for perishable and non-perishable goods (for at least 1 platform) to and from: England, France, Spain, Germany. Thanks to the latest generation vehicles it is possible to transport goods even at different temperatures. It is also possible to carry out Groupage of plants and flowers from Italy to Germany, Holland, Belgium, England and vice versa.
The main categories of goods transported:
– organic fruit, vegetables, vegetables and food products;
– frozen and deep-frozen foods of various types;
– cured meats and cheeses, dairy products and other related products;
– fresh flowers and related botanical material.

Certifications and Quality Standard

Certifications and quality standards from the most important control, verification and certification bodies have approved the services offered by Wetransport S.R.L. Certifying the value to improve performance leads to a satisfied customer and a satisfied customer allows you to obtain a competitive advantage: the goal of every organization, whatever the sector.

Veichle Park

We have a large fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles and curtainsider.
Dozens of transporters at the service of the Group.

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